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"Outside". Video (c) 2023 Emily Daniels.

"Contrary, So Sweet Marie" recorded live at Sky Studios, November 2022. Video made by students from the NFTS.

"English Rain" recorded live at The Town Arms, Wallingford, as part of Bunkfest 2017.

Video (c) Chris Elliott, Gigshotz

"Madonna and Le Roi", the 2022 Christmas video. Recorded live at Courtyard Studios. Video (c) 2022 Emily Daniels.

"The Voyage". Rough mix from the Courtyard sessions. 

Video (c) Chris Elliott, Gigshotz

"For the Ones".Recorded / engineered by Clive Robins.

Video (c) Chris Elliott, Gigshotz

"Alas, My Brother". Recorded / engineered by Clive Robins.

Video (c) Chris Elliott, Gigshotz

"Room at This Inn", Recorded / engineered by Clive Robins.

Video (c) Chris Elliott, Gigshotz

"(I Still Believe in) Christmas day", 2014's Christmas video. Home recording.

Video (c) 2014 Emily Daniels

"As I Walked Out", 2013's Christmas video. Recorded live in the sitting room. With Mary Daniels (keyboard).

Live Video (c) 2013 Emily Daniels

"Hometown Shoemaker Finds Christmas", Christmas video (2012). Recorded / engineered by Aitch and Aaron McRobbie. With Mary and Emily Daniels (b/vox).

Video (c) 2012 Emily Daniels

"Time", live home demo. Posted as the 2020 Daniels' Christmas video. Video (c) 2020 Emily Daniels.

"Who Will Take the Reins?" recorded live at Wallingford Bunkfest 2022. Video (c) Emily Daniels.

"The Jolly Hangman", recorded live in a Covid-safe Village Hall.

Video (c) 2020 Emily Daniels

"A Red Hot Needle (and a Burning Thread)", live from Wokingham Festival 2021. Video (c) 2021 Emily Daniels.

"The Star", the 2021 Christmas video. Recorded live at Ipsden Memorial Hall. Video (c) 2021 Emily Daniels.

"Contrary, So Sweet Marie", recorded live at Rokefest 2022. Video (c) 2022 Emily Daniels.

"The Miraculous Beam"

recorded live in 2014 at

The Acoustic Ballroom, Wallingford.

Filmed on my phone by Harry Clark...I forgot to ask for landscape!

"Green Triangle" Taken from the album of the same name. Video (c) 2019 Emily Daniels 

"Contrary, So Sweet Marie" Video (c) 2024 Emily Daniels 

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