April 16th

Looking like I have enough songs now for my follow up album. Just added a couple more songs...'Canary in a Coalmine' and 'Song for Me'. Joining these will be 'Christine'; 'Contrary Sweet Marie'; 'East of the Moon (and West of the Sun)'; 'Independence Day'; 'The Jolly Hangman'; 'Laughing in the Rain'; 'Outside'; 'Schoolboy Error'; 'Silence'; 'Strangled Hares and Kidney Stones' and 'The Long Goodbye'...hang on, that's maybe too many...


January 7th

Happy New Year...if you missed the Chrsitmas video featuring the new song 'A Time' - hear and see it here!


24th December

This year's Christmas video - 'A Time' now out!! Happy Christmas.

17th December

I've been busy trying to finish songs for the new album. Tracks that are there (or thereabouts) are: Christine; Contrary Sweet Marie; East of the Moon (and West of the Sun); Independence Day; The Jolly Hangman; Laughing in the Rain; Outside; Schoolboy Error; Silence; Strangled Hares and Kidney Stones; The Long Goodbye...

Title for the album? There or Thereabouts? East of the Moon? More Songs About Ghosts?

15th December

The Daniels' Christmas video card on its way shortly. Meanwhile, I'm posting the 'old' Christmas videos (one a day) on my Facebook page. Each has a little memory and a comment about the experience!

October 5th

The Cornerstone Friday Session still available to watch (I'm on from 14:30)

September 29th

I am pleased to announce another live performance for Cornerstone's Friday Sessions this Friday 2nd October. The three song set includes one track from Green Triangle, plus two brand new songs. As a special surprise, one of the new songs was filmed in situ by my daughter Emi.

August 19th

If you missed the Online Music Club performance, you can see it here.

Answers to the LP quiz (the LP covers that appear on the wall behind me):

L to R top row...

Prefab Sprout - Steve McQueen; Peter Gabriel 3 (inside sleeve); Hundreds and Thousands, a compilation of Bromley bands c 1982; Bee Gees - Odessa; 40 All-Time Honky Tonk Hits;

L to R middle row...

The Drivers - Shorts Cuts; The Dukes of Stratosphear - Psonic Psunspot; The Jam - The Gift (gift bag!)

L to R bottom...

The Beatles - Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

August 7th


First gig for a from home on the Online Music Club this Sunday 9th August. Aswell as tracks from 'Green Triangle', I'm hoping to debut a new song or two - depending on how rehearsals go!

June 5th

Lockdown Live at Didcot Cornerstone on the 12th...


April 20th

'Drop in the Ocean' playlisted by Wallingford Radio

March 12th

Review of the album 'Green Triangle' by Paul Carrera in Nightshift magazine

STEVE DANIELS ‘Green Triangle’ (Self released) “Words are flowing out like endless rain” sang John Lennon, and for Steve Daniels words are his prime colours for these twelve pleasing “song paintings”. During a working lifetime, initially as a school teacher and then onto the fringes of the music business with Edition UK, Steve has scratched his itch by singing in minor bands with poster-gold names like Plussupport, while simultaneously working up his own material for this debut release. His fine voice has a rich, easy quality, much like Justin Hayward, and it’s that, along with the mining of the folk idiom of fulsome old tales and supernatural stories, that brings to mind echoes of the Moody Blues, but without any prog bombast. So we have local ghostly legends recounted; about Ipsden’s highwayman in ‘Alas My Brother’, with its hints of early Genesis guitaring, and Checkendon’s ‘Green Triangle’ about US Airmen based there in WW2, where he spectacularly rhymes “Jeep” with “eternal sleep”. Then there is the delightful bluesy lady called ‘Serpentine’ who apparently has the kind of face that “commits crimes”, and a Medieval mystery ‘Miraculous Beam’, fashioned in the style of Chris de Burgh’s ‘A Spaceman Came Travelling’, another oral narrator that Steve sits well alongside. It’s probably true that inside every music publisher there is a personal album gnawing to get out, and with beautiful help from his erstwhile bandmates – Ollie Clark (drums), Graham Field (bass) and Matt Arthur (keyboards) – and all produced by the redoubtable Ian Davenport at Courtyard Studios, this is Steve’s legacy time, because off in the land of ghosts you can’t take it with you.


February 16th


'Drop in the Ocean' (from the album 'Green Triangle') has been playlisted by Radio Six International - one of the most eclectic stations in the world! Thank you Tony Currie.

February 13th

The song 'Green Triangle' has been Spotify playlisted by Jorg. Thank you my friend!

February 11th

Appearance at Sonning Common Primary School. The song 'Green Triangle' sung to Year 6, with discussion around WW2, the 320th Barrage Battalion and whether the song is truth, half-truth or false.

January 28th

'Green Triangle' now available on Bandcamp:

January 26th


A review of the song 'Green Triangle' has appeared on the AnR Factory website.

"...hearing those porously emotive vocal notes was an unforgettably grounding experience.

Steve Daniels has a rare nuanced air to his softly-versed vocals which allows him to paint in vivid colours with his words."

You can see the full review here

January 24th

'The English Rain' now on Bandcamp...only £1 or more if you wish...




December 23rd

Physical sales of the CD are going well...

There are some new songs on the way for what will become That Difficult Second (Album) - I'm currently working on a number of new far: 'The Jolly Hangman', 'Independence Day', 'Outside', 'Everybody Sees a Different Rainbow', 'Silence', 'East of the Moon and West of the Sun'...

December 12th


'Green Triangle' is the 2019 Daniels' Christmas video. See it on the 'videos' page on on YouTube.



December 5th


'Green Triangle' OUT NOW 

November 28th

Release date for 'Green Triangle'...5th December

November 25th 

Booklets due later this week. Release date looking like the week after...


November 19th


I now have the CDs...the booklets are on their way..the songs are registered with PPL...really pleased. release date will be early December...

October 22nd


Debut album 'Green Triangle' now mastered; metadata added; barcode purchased; artwork being prepared. Oh, and a new running order:

  1. Angels’ Wings (3:50)

  2. Crossing the Rubicon (4:19)

  3. Least Likely To (2:15)

  4. Serpentine (3:27)

  5. Alas, My Brother (3:07)

  6. Green Triangle (4:16)

  7. The English Rain (Comes Falling Down) (3:12)

  8. A Red Hot Needle (and a Burning Thread) (4:28)

  9. Drop in the Ocean (3:53)

  10. The Miraculous Beam (4:41)

  11. The Voyage (4:22)

  12. For the Ones (3:04)

September 11th 


The album 'Green Triangle' now being mastered...


September 1st 


Had a great time at the Comrades' Club, Wallingford yesterday, as part of Wallingford Bunkfest. Lots of familiar faces...thank you all for coming.

Also got aboard the C&W Railway (Cholsey & Wallingford), entertaining the passengers. Best to stand still and play, I think - I'll know for next time.


August 20th 

The album "Green Triangle" is in the final stages of mixing; soon to be mastered and then unleashed upon the world...via CD, download and streaming.

The provisional running order is:


Side A

"Alas, My Brother"

"Red Hot Needle (and a Burning Thread)"

"Crossing the Rubicon"


"Least Likely To"

"Angels' Wings"

Side B

"Drop in the Ocean"

"The Voyage"

"For the Ones"

"The Miraculous Beam"

"English Rain"

"Green Triangle"

How was this decided?

Well, you allocate each song a 

small piece of paper, detailing

the title, key, subject, how the 

songs start and finish - and

instrumentation. Spread them

out onto the floor, move them

around until you get a satisfying


2019-08-18 16.44.59.jpg